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85th Anniversary

ALpha Phi Omega Beta SIgma Chapter

Cotton Court, Lubbock TX


Join us in commemorating 85 years since the founding of our Alpha Phi Omega chapter! This enjoyable weekend presents an excellent opportunity to meet other chapters and form unforgettable memories. Registration closes on March 14th.


Friday Evening

April 5th, Texas Tech University, Dairy Barn

5-8 Welcome Event at the Dairy Barn (Texas Tech University)

7-10 celebration at the Town Hall at Vintage Township (11707 Troy Ave)

Service in AM TBD

Banquet Saturday evening at Lubbock Women's Club (2020 Broadway)

Doors open at 6pm for fellowship and photos. Dinner is served at 7pm.

Memorial Service 10am at Memorial Circle

Optional Dutch-treat Lunch at 11:30 at McAlisters, 2415 19th

Saturday Morning

April 6th, Location TBD

Saturday evening

April 6th, Lubbock Women's Club, 2020 Broadway

Sunday Morning

April 7th, Texas Tech University, Memorial Circle

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